Direct Support Professional

Who can be a Direct Support Professional?

Anyone with compassion, empathy, willingness to learn, and a positive attitude can become a Direct Support Professional. A Direct Support Professional is committed to providing excellent care and support to the individuals that they work for. A Direct Support Professional is willing to represent and carry on the mission statement of Community Living & Learning, Inc. Community Living & Learning, Inc. is open 365 days a year and Direct Support Professionals work weekends and holidays. To be eligible for employment at Community Living & Learning, Inc. an employee must have the following:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • An acceptable criminal clearance as defined by the Department of Aging Services
  • A clean driving record with a valid driver’s license
  • A high school diploma or GED
  • A pre-employment physical
  • Available to work weekends, holidays, afternoon or night shifts


What is a Direct Support Professional?

A Direct Support Professional is a staff person who works directly with individuals who have intellectual disabilities. A Direct Support Professional receives initial and ongoing training in the field of intellectual disabilities. The Direct Support Professional plays the most important role in an individual’s life by providing the necessary support for them to live a safe, happy, and complete life. Direct Support Professionals assist individuals with all aspects of daily living. This can include help with eating, grooming, mobility, hygiene, medication administration, medical appointments, and transportation. One of the most important responsibilities of a Direct Support Professional is to help the individuals become active in their community. Direct Support Professionals can help the individuals enjoy their favorite activities and also introduce them to new activities.

Job Application

Did you graduate?

Did you graduate?

Did you graduate?

Are you over the Age of 18?

Have you lived in Pennsylvania for the past two (2) consecutive years?

Are you related or acquainted with a current CLL employee?

Within the last 5 years have you been discharged or ask to resign?

Have you ever been convicted of any criminal offense or have you forfeited bond or collateral in connection with a criminal charge?

Are there any criminal charges pending against you pending?

Are you avaialble to work weekends, summers, holidays, and IUP breaks? Please note that the agency does not have straight day shift and you may not get a response if you have limited availability.

Are there times you are NOT available to work?